Monday 9th August 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • TBD

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • DONE: Michael to organise and spread next Monday's call in number
  • ACTION: Richard to ask the GCC developers on IRC what the status of 4.4.5 is
  • DONE: 500524 Ulrich to backport to Linaro 4.4

  • DONE: Test failures: Michael to build FSF 4.4.4 as a baseline
  • DONE: Test failures: Michael to compare FSF and Linaro GCC failures
  • DONE: Test failures: All Linaro GCC failures to be ticketed
  • DONE: LTO check on ARM: Michael to reproduce. check-lto fails with no Makefile target
  • DONE: Ulrich to write up known GDB work
  • DONE: 598147: Michael to reproduce the test failures

  • DONE: 398403: Andrew to reproduce on his IGEP board (has more RAM)

  • DONE: Michael to make sure merge requests are present for work that has been done


  • Release status
    • Talked about the upcoming 2010.08 release
    • Andrew has posted tarballs which Michael has grabbed and built
    • Andrew is cross-testing
  • Discussed 4.5.1
    • 4.5.1 came out, depending on where you look, 11, 8, or two days ago
    • Rolling in 4.5.1 and the Firefox exposed alignment bug would have more value
    • Discussed time based vs feature based releases and a pragmatic middle ground
    • Discussed releasing 4.5.0 based now vs 4.5.1 at next months release vs something inbetween
    • Decided to delay the Linaro 4.5 release until at most 2010-08-17
    • Roll in 4.5.1 and the Firefox fix
    • Gives something more useful to Ubuntu and others
    • ACTION: Andrew to merge 4.5.1 and the Firefox fix by 2010-08-17
  • Discussed what goes in next month
    • Richard wants the sync primitives fixes
    • CSL is still merging their patchset
  • Discussed what can be done in the future
    • Please start thinking of topics for UDS
    • Backporting the new costing infrastructure (Richard)
      • Works by changing how costs are done and making them more generic
      • Backend provides options for a certain segment
      • Cost of an option is target dependent
      • Removes a lot of hard-coded values for particular architectures
      • Good for core-next
      • Infrastructure matches trunk
      • Might pull in ldm changes

    • Richard's wishlist
      • ACLE
      • v6 SIMD, v5 (limited)
    • Conditional instructions
      • Some are best done at the expand phase where tree goes to RTL
      • Not on Roger' slist
      • Check on possible gains
    • NEON intrinsics
      • Don't generate very good code at the moment due to load/stores
      • Might need internal intrinsics to compose these out of
      • Developers currently use straight asm, perhaps out of personal preference
      • Intrinsics aren't well documented/known
      • Worthwhile as people coming from RVDS and using intrinsics will see big drop
    • GDB
      • Ulrich sent through his list
      • To categorise into features and fixes
      • ACTION: Ulrich to ticket items
      • Work on critical fixes first
      • Yao, Ulrich to work on list
      • ACTION: Michael to understand whiteboards as a way of organising features

Next meeting is a standup meeting on 2010-08-11 on the public code.

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