Friday 7th August 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Stand up meeting

Action Items from this Meeting

Action Items from Previous Meeting


  • Andrew:
    • Continues to push the 4.5 patches
    • Seen one regression so far which he is investigating
    • Continues to approve 4.4 merge requests
    • Spinning 2010.08 release today
    • Will give tarball to michaelh to also build
  • Yao:
    • Continuing on bug fixes and merges
    • 602174: Problem has gone away, to confirm on release

    • 602288: Leave test in-place. Change was backed out

    • 602190: will set options in test case

  • Ulrich:
    • Investigating test failures
    • getfem++ failure is triggered in wrapped library
    • May be due to a different environment
    • Will investigate further
  • Richard:
  • Peter
    • Introduced himself
  • Julian:
    • Porting patches from 4.4 to the 4.5 CSL branch is ongoing
    • Continuing with the misalignment patch issues
    • Looking into failures on the 4.5 CSL branch
    • Michael asked Julian to look at the 4.5 tests on Linaro as well
  • Marcin:
    • All stages of the cross compiler are done
    • Sent a link to the PPA over IRC
    • Mentioned that configure objcopy issue. Michael says that the TCWG will take it over
    • Vacation is coming up in about a week
  • Chung-Lin:
    • Now running the libffi test suite
    • Four regressions so far
    • Andrew is organising access to the benchmark suite
    • Michael: do want to be able to reproduce these results in the future. Please record everything needed to reproduce (compiler, host, environment, scripts, etc.)
  • Michael:
    • Extending the builds further. Added eglibc.
    • Thinking about what's next
    • Discuss on Monday

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