Wednesday 5th August 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Stand up meeting

Action Items from this Meeting

Action Items from Previous Meeting


  • Andrew:
    • Is continuing through the CSL patch list and pushing into the 4.5 branch
    • Plans to run another set through tomorrow
    • Managed to build upstart 398403 but found that the later tests failed. Will note as such in the bug

  • Ulrich:
    • Has done backports for a few of the fixed bugs
    • Has done a backport of the aliasing latent bug to 4.4 and 4.5
    • Reproduced the Ada build issue which is Ubuntu build specific. Michael handed off to Ubuntu toolchain maintainers
    • Next is a mix of ticketing the known GDB issues and looking at the lower priority tickets
  • Julian:
    • Continuing with merging the CSL patches into CSL 4.5
    • A mis-allignment patch is causing the most trouble due to significant changes
  • Yao:
    • Working on three tickets
    • One re-submitted upstream for approval
    • Change arm-* to arm*- in another. Also to grep across all test cases to see if any others exist
    • 602190 is due to a performance related change

    • Discussed reverting vs changing the test case
    • Yao to send the patch to the linaro-toolchain list for discussion
  • Chung-Lin:
    • Proceeding on libffi
    • Should run the test suite tonight
    • Marshalling functions are currently slow
    • Discussed documenting the hard float defines - Richard would like us to hold off until ACLE is released
  • Richard:
    • Nothing to report

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