Cbuild is a collection of Makefile fragments that supports local or remote building of toolchains. The entire toolchain can be built from a high level using the ""build.mk"" Makefile, or distinct projects can be built by using the appropriate lower level Makefile. Some interesting targets are:

  • make -f ../../lib/build.mk final/gcc-linaro-4.6-2012.05.stamp:
    • fetch, build, and test a gcc-linaro release.
  • make -f ../../lib/build.mk final/binutils-2.22~20110408+gitaeb2da5.stamp
    • fetch, build, and test a binutils snapshot.

To build just one project, use the lower level Makefile. For example:

  • make -f ../../lib/eglibc.mk B=eglibc-2.15~svn14385: fetch, build, and test an eglibc snapshot using the host compiler

By default, the source will be fetched from the local cache in $(TOPDIR)/tarballs and then from http://builds.linaro.org/snapshots/. Only .xz and .bz2 tarballs are supported.

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