GDB Testing Tips n Tricks

== Handling timeout in testsuite results ==

A common problem with slow network connections is that some of the test results may experience timeout failures. In that case add a following two timeout variables in your DEJAGNU remote-gdbserver configuration file and update timeout value based on your network. I normally keep them to 400ms.

set gdb_test_timeout 400

set remotetimeout 400

A sample remote-gdbserver.exp can be found here.

== Running multiple instances of gdb testsuite in remote gdbserver mode ==

Multiple gdb testsuite runs in remote mode can be achieved by fixing DEJAGNU to use a fixed particular tcp port. This can be achieved by uncommenting the following line in your DEJAGNU remote-gdbserver configuration file:

# Port ID to use for socket connection

#set_board_info gdb,socketport "45679"

You can use any free port# of your choice, I have picked port# 45679 randomly.

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