To do a full toolchain build and then run DejaGnu under a chroot can often have issues. One of the main ways to avoid problems, like the "no more ptys" message hen running 'make check; is to mount these directories from the host system to the chroot's equivalents.

In this example, I've got an Ubuntu precise (12.04) chroot for the 32bit x86, which is installed in /linaro/chroots. You can add these to /etc/fstab and they'll always be there, or use a shell script to bind these directories. From the command line as ""root"" execute this series of mount commands:

* mount --bind /proc /linaro/chroots/precise-i386/proc

* mount --bind /dev /linaro/chroots/precise-i386/dev

* mount --bind /dev/pts /linaro/chroots/precise-i386/dev/pts

* mount --bind /tmp /linaro/chroots/precise-i386/tmp

Mounting /proc is required so commands like ""ps" work. Mounting /dev/pts is required so you don't get the dreaded "no more ptys" message from expect. Mounting /tmp is just for convenience, as it's an easy way to move files between the host and the chroot.

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