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(a copy of MAINTAIN.txt from lp:~linaro-toolchain-dev/cbuild/tools)

cbuild maintenance tasks

 * cbuild - pulls keys from

Things to watch


 * / for free space
 * /space for free space


 * Youngest is no more than 3 days old
 * Check cbuild-tools/ on fault


 * No more than four hours old
 * Check lib/tcwg-web/ on fault

Common tasks

Where have all my directories gone?

 * ~/lib/cbuild
 * ~/var/snapshots
 * ~/public_html/build

How do I spawn a release build via the shell?

 * Use! else:
 * scp gcc-linaro-4.7-2012.12.tar.bz2 cbuild@toolchain64.lab:~/var/snapshots
 * ssh cbuild@toolchain64.lab
 * ~/lib/cbuild-tools/ ~/var/snapshots/gcc-linaro-4.7-2012.tar.bz2

A fault with frequent tasks like merge reqeusts, tip builds or data
being out of date?

 * Check ~/lib/cbuild-tools/

A fault with daily tasks like upstream builds?

 * Check ~/lib/cbuild-tools/

A fault with one of the helpers?

 * sudo service tcwg-web stop
 * cd lib/tcwg-web
 * Uncommet 'development = True' in twg-web.ini
 * python
 * Run the request, see the backtrace

Version out of date on one of the upstream builds?

 * Edit

Want to build/track a new upstream?

 * git clone upstream-url  ~/repos/decent-name
 * Add a new dow line to

Want to track a new Linaro series?

 * cd ~/repos/gcc-linaro
 * bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.8
 * Add a new line to
 * Consider pushing a new gcc-linaro-4.8+bzr12345.{tar,tar.xz} to ~/var/snapshots/base

Want to propogate a cbuild update to the slaves?

 * cd ~/lib/cbuild
 * bzr pull

Want to add a new build queue?

 * cd ~/var/scheduler/queue
 * mkdir queue-name
 * echo host1 host2 host3 > queue-name/hosts.txt
 * echo config-fragments-if-any > queue-name/template.txt
 * cd ../spawn/default
 * ln -s ../../queue/queue-name

Want to delete a job from the queue?

 * cd ~/var/scheduler/queue
 * `rm */job-name.job`

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