bzr Seeds

Linaro use Launchpad and bzr for code hosting. The gcc-linaro repository includes all of the history of GCC which is a significant, non-resumable download. The toolchain group provide a seed to help with this initial branch.

The seed is a shared repository that keeps all common history in a top level .bzr directory. You can then go into this directory, run a bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.6 and bzr will only download what is new. See ../BzrTips for more.

The script that creates the seed, and an example of how to use it is at:it.

The latest seeds are available at:

The link to the latest gcc-linaro seed is:

Note that the seed is unlikely to change. If you use the seed for some type of frequent build, please mirror it inside your network.

Here is S3 mirror for projects hosted in EC2:


Using the seed is straight forward. The basic steps are:

  • Download the seed
  • Untar it
  • Change into the new directory
  • Branch using bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.6 or similar

See in the repo above for more.

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