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SPEC CPU2000 for Linaro
Michael Hope <> 2011

This repository contains the configuration and helper files that
Linaro uses when running SPEC CPU2000 on ARM hosts.


for more.

The Linaro specific rules are stored in `GNUmakefile`.

`make relocate`:
 Relocate the tools to match the current directory

 Build and run all of the INT and FP benchmarks, summarising into `result/*.asc`

`make build`:
 Build all of the benchmarks

`make run`:
 Re-run all of the benchmarks, summarising into `result/*.asc`

See `GNUmakefile` for the variables you can set.  The default configuration is:
 * config = linux-armv7l-gcc4-linaro
 * extension = gcc4-high-opt (-O3)
 * tests = int fp
 * iterations = 5
 * workload = train

These files are stored in a public bzr repository at:

A tarball of the SPEC 2000 CD is at:

A set of tools for running SPEC natively on ARM is at:

The licenses are documented at:

A description of how to set up a board and the benches is at:

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