Ira Rosen <>

  • Finished rewriting SLP analysis to support not only unary and binary operations. Committed upstream.
  • Implemented cond_expr support in SLP (for libav weight_h264_pixels).

Testing it now.

  • Vectorizer maintenance (test/bug fixes, patch reviews).

David Gilbert <>

64 bit atomics

  • I got the race in membase down to a futex issue, and asking dmart pointed me at a kernel bug that affects recent kernels where a fix had gone in about a month ago. That was a nasty one!
  • I've still got a few bugs left; most are turning out to be timing races in the test code (e.g. one that times out after 2seconds but the code takes around 1.7 seconds ish - but if something else gets n trips over the line, and another one where it did a recv_from on a socket but only got he start of a message, presumably because the sender had used

multiple sends). It's tricky going because the tests are a combination of most scripting languages (perl, python, ruby with a splash of Erlang). I've so far found no bugs in the atomic code.

  • I looked at apr and SDL-1.3; both of which use atomics; but end up not using 64bit atomics; he tendency is for them to ensure they can do atomics on long and ona void *; both of which for us are 32bit.

String routines

  • I've got the Newlib A15 optimised memcpy running in a test harness at the moment for comparison.

Listening to connect

  • I listened in to a few connect sessions each day; the 1st day or so was 3/4 lost on audio systems that didn't work (I'm especially annoyed at not being able to hear the QEMU for A15/KVM session and toolchain support for kernel). The Rypple session was rather lost hrough the lack of any screen sharor slides.

Ken Werner <>

  • libunwind
    • posted small bug fixes
    • noticed the unwinding on Android is broken somehow
      • (need to track down the commit that broke it)
  • linaro android
    • repo sync fails due invalid bionic commit id (#885792)
  • tried to remotely attend the Connect

Revital Eres <>

  • Continue working on the regsiter pressure estimation implementation - testing the implementation on libav micro benchmarks. With the patch some SMSed kernels in put-h264-qpel8-hv-lowpass-8, swscale-rgb24ToY_c mjpegenc benchmarks are identified as having register pressure. I'm looking at the kernels which still have regressions with SMS and it seems the reason is not related to register pressure.

Peter Maydell <>

Current Milestones







Historical Milestones














  • Linaro Connect week. Included an extremely useful double-length session about KVM on A15, which should turn into blueprints/plans n due course
  • Found out a bit more about UEFI -- I'm leaning towards having QEMU
    • for vexpress run UEFI by default as a way of letting you just pass it a disk image rather than having to feed it a separatekernel/initrd. (Will look into this more when the ARM landing team have it all building and working on hardware.)
  • I have a working prototype of the QEMU virtio-mmio transport (written
    • to Pawel's spec). However to get this upstream we will first need to properly refactor the qemu virtio code so the link between the transport and the blk/net/etc backends is a qdev bus.

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