Peter Maydell <>

Current Milestones:




qemu-linaro 2011-08




Historical Milestones:

qemu-linaro 2011-04




qemu-linaro 2011-05




close out 1105 blueprints




complete 1111 planning













  • made final release
  • some work on build failures on some obscure platforms (ppc, etc)


  • attended KVM Forum / LinuCon NA -- some very productive discussions/arguments/etc with other qemu developers. Full trip report to follow

  • travel/accommodation for Linaro Connect Q4.11 now booked
  • submitted pullreq for misc. ARM devboard device model fixes (pl110, pl061, etc) : now committed
  • Current qemu patch status is tracked here:


  • Oct 30-Nov 04: Linaro Connect Q4.11

Andrew Stubbs <>


  • Completed merging GCC 4.5 from FSF to Linaro.
  • Spun release tarballs for Linaro GCC 4.5 and 4.6. Uploaded them to Michael's server, and kicked off the test builds remotely.


  • Submitted expenses for Linaro Connect.
  • Finally (!) committed my widening multiplies patches to FSF. :)

  • Continued trying to figure out what's wrong with my thumb2 constants patches. I think I have identified a possible flaw, but I'm having rouble reproducing the problem as I have been unable to pin down a specific constant/expression combination that makes it through all the other optimizations intact, and triggers the problem. I've not run out of idea yet though ...
  • Prepared for the big CodeSourcery to Mentor switch-over by moving all my work-in-progress data over to the new servers.


  • On leave all day Wednesday.

Revital Eres <>

David Gilbert <>

String routines

  • Working through updating my eglibc patch for memchr, I think I'm nearly there - took way too long to persuade an eglibc make check to work cross (can't get native build happy).


  • Sent a new version of my QEMU patch for the atomic helpers to Peter.
  • Tested the Android beagle image on a real beagle - it fails in pretty much the same way as the QEMU run.


  • Had a brief look at bug 825711 - scribus ftbfs on ARM - this is QT being built to define qreal as float on ARM when it's double on most other things, scribus having a qreal variable and something it's defined as a double and then passing it to a template that requires two arguments of the same type; not really sure which one is to blame here!


  • On holidays next week.

Ulrich Weigand <>

  • Created and published Linaro GDB 7.3 2011-08 release.
  • Analyzed --with-sysroot=3Dremote: testsuite failures,
    • and opened bug LP #829595.
  • Reviewed Yao's latest Thumb-2 displaced stepping patch.


  • I'll be on vacation 08/23 through 08/31.

Ken Werner <>

  • continued to work on getting libunwind support for remote unwinding upstream
    • reworked some of the code to address concerns from the ml
    • now upstream!
  • made smaller fixes to have another libunwind testcase passing
  • interfaced with the Linaro Android group to solve an issue where a compile was failing when using -O3
    • turned out that the Linaro GCC vectorizes a loop by generating some neon instructions
    • unfortunately the gas of the 2.20.1 binutils (that is currently used by the Linaro Android toolchain) doesn't properly understand the alignment restrictions of the generated asm code and throws an error
    • this has be fixed upstream and using a gas from recent binutils fixes the issue
    • Bernhard is already working on getting newer binutils in their Androuid toolchain build system
  • continued the work to get libunwind building on Linaro Android
    • wrote an and got an initial built (ugly hacks involved)
    • next step is modify the debuggerd to make use of


  • Next week I'll be on vacation.

Ramana Radhakrishnan <>

=== GCC===


  • Continue to look at the test failure with mvectorize-with-neon-quad. Should be able to commit the backend workaround in on Monday .
  • Having some problems getting my panda board working reliably. I'm not sure if its the temperature or what but when it gets hot in the office as it was on Tuesday keeping it working reliably is hard. The board locks up and then crashes quite often.
  • Looked at VFP moves again for some more time.
  • Committed tbh range change.
  • Committed fixes for PR50022


  • Finish off VFP moves patch.
  • Look at BRANCH_COST results.
  • Breakdown the T2 performance blueprints into smaller blueprints.
  • Backport tbh range changes to Linaro 4.6
  • Test the intrinsics patch once with some more intrinsics tests and then merge it in to Linaro gcc 4.6


  • 1-1s
  • TCWG calls


  • 29th Aug - Sept. 2 - Holiday booked and approved.
  • 31st Oct - 4th Nov - Linaro Summit Orlando - Travel booked – hotel to be booked.

Richard Sandiford <>

This week

  • Looked at LP #823711. Turned out to be a problem with symbol visibility in libgcc.a. Tested a fix that was accepted and applied upstream. Will backport to upstream release branches, so we should be able to pull the fix in that way.
  • Backported the fix for BZ PR49987 to Linaro 4.6 and 4.5.
  • Looked at the regrename bug that Ramana reported on gcc@.
  • Looked at why libav wasn't being vectorised. Discussed with Ira. I think we now have a Plan.
  • Submitted address writeback scheduling patches upstream.
  • Submitted and applied some tweaks to the rtx cost interface upstream.
  • Spent a while trying to figure out what the targetm.rtx_costs API actually is, and how rtx_cost should use it to evaluate the cost of a SET. Discussed on gcc@.
  • Found that ARM was giving SETs a base cost of 4 instructions. Benchmarked the cost of "fixing" this. It generally seemed positive.
  • Wrote a couple of other rtx cost patches.

Next week

  • Backport fix for #823711 to upstream branches.
  • Hopefully finish off rtx costs stuff.
  • Unless there's a clear outcome from the gcc@ discussion, I think I'll abandon my idea of using insn_rtx_cost in the new auto inc/dec patch, and simply sum the cost of every SET. Should be a small change.

Asa Sandahl <>

  • Started running EEMBC on Panda. Got three errors in the automotive test at this point.
  • Started documenting necessary steps for my start-up task:

  • Upgraded the Snowball board to the latest version (V3). Created a corresponding test image for Snowball (Linaro 11.06). There is a problem with the serial console freezing after a couple of minutes without any error, not sure if it is a complete crash or just the serial output. The people I have talked to so far has not experienced the same problem. I will set up the networking for the board and see where ssh gets me.

Ira Rosen <>


  • change of default vector size for auto-vectorization on NEON - submitted and approved
  • continued working on vectorization of widening shifts
  • looked into SLP vectorization for libav
  • two vacation days


  • I'll be on vacation on Aug 22-30.

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