Revital Eres <>

  • Continue Spec2006 analysis: Looking into SMS opportunities in SPEC2006/462.libquantum.
  • Looking into recent bootstrap failure with SMS flags on ARM -- it seems to be related to do-loop optimization.

Peter Maydell <>

. RAG: . Red: . Amber: OMAP3 patch upstreaming is slower progress than hoped . Green:

Current Milestones:







Historical Milestones:

qemu-linaro 2011-04




qemu-linaro 2011-05




close out 1105 blueprints




complete 1111 planning









  • split and did most of the cleanup of 'overhaul onenand support' patch
  • updated the omap gpio qdev patchset in response to review comments, just about ready to send v2
  • this is going more slowly than I had anticipated



  • 1-5 August: Linaro sprint 1111
  • 15-19 August: KVM Forum and LinuxCon NA, Vancouver

Ulrich Weigand <>


  • Posted patch to fix shared library remote test problems (#804387).
  • Started reviewing Yao's latest Thumb-2 displaced stepping patch.


  • Reviewed and approved Richard's mainline reload patch to fix #803232 (ICE on code that uses vld4q_s16() NEON intrinsic).
  • Followed up on gcc-patches to address concerns about Julian's unaligned access patch.

Richard Sandiford <>

This week

  • Looked at why the fix for #721531 wasn't working on the Linaro branches. Wrote follow-up patches for both. Fix now committed to 4.5 and 4.6.
  • Looked at #736007. Submitted and committed patch upstream.
  • Looked at some "odd" ivopts behaviour. It turned out that this was working mostly as expected. I'm still wondering about a couple of tweaks.
  • Looked briefly at a miscompilation of vector code that turned out to occur during predictive commoning. I haven't yet checked whether the bug is there or not. For the time being, I'm using -fno-predictive-commoning so that I can get on with other stuff.
  • Looked at why the auto-inc-dec stuff wasn't as effective with current mainline. It turns out that the new misaligned load/store patterns are using overly weak predicates, so it appears to the RTL optimisers as though we support reg+offset addresses.
  • Reviewed the shrink-wrap patch.
  • More auto inc/dec.

Next week

  • Backport the fix for #736007.
  • More loop stuff.

Asa Sandahl <>


  • HW in place. Borrowed another Panda board that I can use permanently.
  • linaro-media-create installed and working. Flashed sd-card with 11.05 for Panda board.
  • Played around with the Panda board. Networking is on the way. I can ssh to my computer from the Panda but not the other way around yet.


  • Serial log from Panda board not working yet. Mike suggested I try a straight-through cable instead in of a null-modem cable. (Have not done this yet.)
  • The ST-E firewall (proxy) is causing me some headache. But at least everyone here is facing the same issues, so there are people to talk to about the problems.

Good to know

  • I will be on vacation 18th July - 15 August

Ira Rosen <>

  • Continued working on prevention of over-widening in vectorization - finalizing the patch
  • improvement of vectorizer peeling heuristic - merged to gcc-linaro-4.6
  • vectorization of widen-mult with over-promoted operands - proposed for merge to gcc-linaro-4.6
  • fixed PR 49610
  • patch reviews

Ramana Radhakrishnan <>



  • Panda board up again with apparently no change with software on it. Not sure what caused the difference today ! Now chugging along with SPEC2k.
  • Back on to BRANCH_COST . SPEC2k now running fully whence panda board was restored.
  • Submitted cleaned up neon shift immediates patch for merging.
  • On merge request review in Linaro this week.
  • Backported arith_shiftsi patch to 4.6 branch upstream. (done)
  • Identified particular patterns that have issues with scheduler descriptions in A8 and A9 . Working on fixes.


  • Submit one_cmpldi2 patch for neon upstream.
  • Finish the scheduler patches.
  • Investigate A8 vs A9 regressions.
  • Look at EPILOGUE_USES and coremark . not sure why it regresses in performance yet.


  • 1-1s
  • TCWG calls


  • 1st Aug - 5th August - Linaro sprint.
  • 8th - 9th August - Internal training.
  • 29th Aug - Sept. 2 - Vacation.

Andrew Stubbs <>

  • Completed the merge of FSF GCC 4.5 & 4.6 to Linaro GCC. There were a few extra test failure in the i686 testing for both toolchains, but x86_64 and arm were clean, so it seems likely to be an environmental issue (in particular, some of the failures were linker crashes).

  • Posted an update to my widening multiplies patch 3. This one hopefully addressed the issues found by Richard Guenther. Also tested an posted updates to my other patches that had their context changed.
  • Richard picked more holes in my patch, and also reviewed patches 4, 5 and 6. 4 & 5 only have minor issues so far, and 6 has actually been approved! :)

  • Rewrote patch 3 yet again following review. Richard has now modified the VRP pass to make the widening pass's job simpler, so I don't need it to do as much. Also rebaslined the whole patch set; Bernd's recent patch has introduced some conflicts.
  • Found (some of?) the bugs that broke my thumb2 constants patch. Pushed the updated patch to Launchpad for testing.
  • Updated a lot of the patch tracker data.
  • Half day Thursday.

* Upstream patched requiring review:

Ken Werner <>

  • fixed a bug where libunwind could segfault when unwinding through a shared library using the ARM specific unwind tables
  • discussed the libuwind internals with Uli (thanks!) and concluded that the best way to implement remote unwinding for ARM is to integrate the support for the ARM.exidx* directly into the DWARF code
    • otherwise the user visible remote API needs to be extended for ARM only which seems to be a bad idea
    • requires to re-implement the existent ARM code (both local and remote)
    • will also benefit from libunwind's (dwarf) caching mechanism
  • started to re-implement the ARM code

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