Andrew Stubbs

  • Spent the whole week attending Linaro@UDS. Any other activity this week is squeezed into the space between (interesting) sessions.
  • Finished making the suggested changes to my Thumb2 constants patch, and posted it back upstream. This is pre-approved, but can't be committed until after the addw/subw patch.

  • Merged all my outstanding approved merge requests to the release branches in time for next week's release.

Chung-Lin Tang

Last week

  • At Linaro@UDS; I am still typing this in Budapest. Sparingly did some work between sessions.
  • PR42017, ARM LR register not being used. Discussed the patch with Richard Sandiford at LDS. Re-tested a bit and about to resend a revised patch according to his suggestion.
  • 748138, redirect_jump() ICE. Committed patch to CS stable and trunk. Submitted merge request to Linaro 4.5 branch.

  • 689887. Got some suggestions from Revital on how to debug the bootstrap failure caused by my patch, will look into applying it.

This week

  • Taking Monday off, I'll be flying back to Taiwan on Tuesday.
  • Continue with issues after getting home.

Dave Gilbert

String routines

  • Gave up on perf on silverbell and redid it on ursa2; now have a full set of perf figures and have updated the workload report to show the spec binaries that use significant time in libc and the routines they spend it in; a handful of tests spend very significant amounts of time in libm.
  • Have ltrace results from about 75% of spec - some of the others are fighting a bit
  • Optimised the non-neon memcpy; it's now quite respectable except in one or two cases (2 byte misaligned, and for some odd reason source offset by 8 bytes, destination by 12 is way down on any other combination) (Current result graphs here )

Ira Rosen

  • continued looking into ffmpeg/libavcodec:
    • dcadsp.c - the inner loop contains reverse accesses which are not supported on Neon. I think we can handle them using vrev and vswp.
    • a lot of loops have unknown memory stride. I am exploring a possibility of a combination of scalar loads and vmov into a vector register, but it is probably too expensive.
  • looking into telecom/conven

Ken Werner

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Michael Hope

Mounir Bsaibes

Peter Maydell

Ramana Radhakrishnan

  • Attended LDS from 9th -14th May.


  • Look at Thumb2 performance blueprint and break it down.
  • Investigate more headroom for SPEC2k starting this week.
  • Thumb2 performance call this week.

Revital Eres

  • Attended Linaro@UDS.
  • SMS patches to support ARM do-loop pattern got approved in mainline and merged into gcc-linaro 4.6 and 4.5.
  • Sent merge request for two patches in trunk. (SMS_fixes_for_unfreed_memory)
  • Implemented an optimization for the stage-count and now testing it.

Richard Sandiford

Ulrich Weigand

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