Andrew Stubbs

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Chung-Lin Tang

Last week

  • PR48250 / CS Issue #9845 / Launchpad #723185. Unaligned DImode reload under NEON. Went back and forth with Richard Earnshaw on gcc-patches for most of the week. The issues should finally be clear, and I think it

would be better to modify the significant parts of arm_legitimize_reload_address() to do the right thing rather than just fixing the bug. I have a new patch done over the weekend, though it still shows a few regressions after some testing. I hope this gets done by this week...

  • PR48325 / Launchpad #744754, another NEON ICE in postreload. This appears to be the IA/DB modes for VLDM/VSTM for NEON struct modes were not enabled. This ICE actually does not happen currently on upstream trunk, but sent patch anyways. Pending review.
  • Spent some time on Launchpad #736661 (C++ ICE in expr.c), and looked at upstream testsuite regressions of gcc.dg/pr17957.c and gcc.dg/torture/pr47975.c under -mfpu=neon (ICE on OImode const0_rtx assignment).
  • Call with Ramana on ARM optimization work.

This week

  • Get PR48250/Launchpad #723185 nailed.
  • Other pending GCC issues.
  • TW Public Holiday, Mon. and Tue. (Apr.4-5)

Dave Gilbert

Ira Rosen

  • continued bringing patches upstream - auto-detection of vector size - committed - changing default vector size to 128 - submitted and testing the final version - if-conversion improvement - submitted and now testing the final version
  • gcc-linaro-4.6 - submitted a merge request for store sink patch (this patch is already upstream)

Ken Werner


  • noticed that hw perf events are not working on 2.6.38-1001-linaro-omap
    • it seems that the omap kernel has not configured its PMU properly
    • perf_event_open syscall returns ENODEV
    • started discussion with agreen (#744458)
  • noticed that natty puts its glibc into a multilib path
    • prevents linaro gcc (and upstream) from being built


  • created a generic and local variant of the extbl parser
  • ran the test suite a few times using different unwind methods
  • started to look into the test suite failures
  • started to fix a couple of the failures on ARM

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Michael Hope

Mounir Bsaibes

Peter Maydell


  • the board-ram-limits patchset has been expanded significantly to address upstream suggestions; it now includes a lot of refactoring of sun4m (sparc) board code to use the new generic max-ram functionality instead of a sun4m-specific bit of code. Unfortunately there is still some pushback upstream on the grounds that a simple max-ram limit doesn't cater for complicated NUMA situations :-(


  • working on moving implementation of VLD/VST "multiple structures" forms into qemu helper functions; the current implementation is correct but can expand to hundreds of TCG ops which is well beyond the maximum permitted value, so could potentially overrun a TCG buffer


  • wrote up some technical/engineering input into what we ought to be doing with qemu next cycle
  • review of a patch by Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov adding ARMv4/v4T support
  • some review of s390 TCG patches (not because we have a direct interest in s390 but as part of being a good citizen upstream)
  • sent a pull request for some neon patches that had been on the list a few weeks; hopefully this will help drain the patch pipeline
  • meetings: toolchain, standup, pdsw-tools
  • Current qemu patch status is tracked here:


  • Holiday: 22 Apr - 2 May
  • 9-13 May: UDS, Budapest (maybe) ~17-19 August: QEMU/KVM strand at LinuxCon NA, Vancouver

Ramana Radhakrishnan


  • Investigated excessive VFP moves . Partially investigating ways forward.
  • Polished up my divmodsi4 patch. Discussed it during the call. Looking for ways to do it properly at the tree level.
  • Got Panda board on Friday.
  • Off on Wednesday.
  • Conversations with Revital and Chung-Lin. Need to sync up with Andrew next week.
  • Found an issue with binutils and Neon and this is now 747837


  • Continue looking at excessive VFP moves.
  • Finish working through Thumb2 speed tickets.
  • Set up new Panda board.
  • Conversation with Andrew sometime this week.


  • 1-1s
  • Linaro toolchain meeting


  • April 15 – 26 -> Booked Holiday.

  • May 9-14 - LDS Budapest

Revital Eres

  • Submitted merge requests for SMS patch to gcc-linaro and gcc-linaro/4.6.
  • Testing SMS patch which extends the current implementation to consider loops that contain instructions with REG_INC_NOTE.
  • Filed PRs 48336 48380 for recent fails of trunk on ARM.
  • Had a chat with Ramana about the DENbench benchmarks, directions and findings.
  • Filed PR 745743 in linaro gcc-bugzilla

Richard Sandiford

Last week

This week

  • Finish fix for PR46329.
  • More vld & vst stuff.

Ulrich Weigand


  • Committed patch to fix single-stepping across bad ARM/Thumb boundary (bug #667309) to mainline and Linaro GDB.
  • Committed patch to fix accessing "fpscr" register to mainline.
  • Ongoing work to fix single-stepping over signal handlers (bug #615978). Posted yet another updated patch to gdb-patches for comments.
  • Implemented patch to support NEON registers in core files (bug #615972).
  • Investigated failure to disable address space randomization
    • (bug #616001).

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