This page describes the procedure for setting up and running ARM Workload Automation on Juno board. Following workloads have been executed on Juno board running Android :- Linpack, Nenamark, Quadrant, Cfbench, Smartbench, Vellamo

Set up and Installation

Follow the instructions here

Here is the link to the pdf document for detailed setup and other information on workload automation


APKs for the tested workloads are placed here.

The dependencies folder obtained from dependencies.tar.gz should go into the .workload_automation folder. Sometimes WA does not find the apk file despite it being there in the dependencies folder. If this is the case, find your wlauto installation and place the apk files in the corresponding workload directory.

For eg if, wlauto installation is at

  • /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/wlauto
  • Suppose you are copying cfbench apk file , copy it to

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/wlauto/workload/cfbench folder. Similarly for all other workloads.


Get the patch from here

This patch is a hack to fix issues with quadrant and vellamo tests. This has to be applied to usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/wlauto/common/android/ file.

If you have downloaded the git for WA and is building the source code for WA, then you can apply these patches and build. Else you can just apply this patch in your installation directly

Sample Agenda File

Get the sample agenda file from here

The agenda file runs the above mentioned workloads in a loop for 5 times. It does a few global settings like setting the interactive governor, enabling EAS and disabling cgroups. For further info on writing agenda files refer here

Result Collection

By default the results are collected in the mentioned output directory (wa_output) if no output directory is mentioned in csv format. There are options to change the format.(Refer to the worklaod-automation.pdf for instructions).


When using Juno board, WA has option to collect energy measurements. Add the following line to the config section of the agenda file to enable this.

  • instrumentation: [juno_energy]

When using the above make sure to modify the file in .workload_automation folder to reflect the device as juno instead of generic_android and specify the juno ip address in the adb_name field.

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