Create a system for measuring energy consumption and sharing repeatable results. This system could be used by developers in their own labs, or as part of the LAVA lab.

The purpose is to measure energy consumption of important use cases, fix regressions and improve the current state of the art.


Bench Power Supply

Power measurment can be done cheaply at VBAT with a power supply that measures current consumption. The Atten PPS-3205t, a relatively inexpensive triple-output supply. This product is re-badged regionally:

Software control

Mike Turquette has written software to control this power supply over RS-232. It can be used to configure the supply for powering specific boards as well as remotely power cycle those boards. The next step for this software is to gather current measurements from the supply back to the host PC for analysis. See the project on github.

ARM Energy Probe


Usage in LAVA

Power-specific test cases


Regression testing

Using the above power measurement implementations it is possible to perform power measurements during any LAVA automated testing. Information gathered over time could be compared to see if power regressions exist, or conversely if improvements to power management are measurable. No new tests need to be written, power data could be gathered and stored in test results as another piece of metadata for existing LAVA tests.

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