PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 09-05-2012




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Dmitry Antipov


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robert lee


Hongbo Zhang


Rajendra Nayak


Robin Randhawa


Charles Garcia-Tobin


Lorenzo Pieralisi


Rajagopal Venkat



New Action items

  • Daniel to talk to Linus W. and Lee Jones about drivers that need to be upstreamed to get ApSleep working

Old Action Items

  • Action Rob to mail the script code to emulate big.little to Lorenzo and Charles.
  • Lorenzo to check on the Roger on the real reason why we cannot publish the scripts.
  • Hongbo/amitd to include u8500 Thermal tests into PMQA test suites. In PROGRESS
  • Amitk follow with the Landing team, No one upstreaming Origen cpuidle driver,a lot of hacks
  • Amitk/Mounir set a Connect session for Secure World Interface discussion. DONE
  • Hongbo to publish u8500 driver tree to - DONE
  • Daniel to start discussion on lists about handling per-cpu latency tables (with a view towards big.LITTLE). POSTPONE till after Connect
  • Dmitry to send a plan for 2-3 mobile workloads to be delivered by end of May
  • Amitd to test thermal verificaion scripts on OMAP LEBs: INPROGRESS
  • Amitd Validate on Android image the script part of Thermal testing.


  • Went over old actions
  • Round Table
    • Rajagopal
      • Intro - Worked in ST-E developing Device drivers and Power Management.
      • Reviewing Thermal Driver code.
    • Rejendra
      • Took Last week off.
    • Mike
      • Sent a pull request to Arnd for clock -next code.
      • Most platforms are porting to the common struct clock and the port are hapening fast.
      • Focusing on dbfs and looking at nested mutex issue.
    • Daniel
      • To get ApSleep state working multiple drivers have to be upstreamed.

      • Reviewed a patch submitted for PowerDebug for Thermal.

      • Working on a presentation/template for a paper with Lorenzo
    • Rob
      • i.MX cpuidle cleanup, submitted a patch, but will have to submit another due to feedback.
    • Lorenzo
      • Working on big.LITTLE MP and Switcher, reviewing Nico's code, big.LITTLE context save/restore need patching.
    • Amitd
      • Has to rotate out of Linaro back to Samsung. Will consolidate the thermal work and try to upstream it before going back to Samsung.
      • Will rebase new trip type based on feedback received.
  • With Hungbo and Rajagopal we can foxus back on Powerdebug.

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