PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 02-05-2012




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robert lee


Robin Randhawa


Charles Garcia-Tobin


Lorenzo Pieralisi


Hongbo Zhang


Rajagopal Venkat



New Action items

  • Action Rob to mail the script code to emulate big.little to Lorenzo and Charles.
  • Lorenzo to check on the Roger on the real reason why we cannot publish the scripts.
  • Hongbo/amitd to include u8500 Thermal tests into PMQA test suites
  • Amitk follow with the Landing team, No one upstreaming Origen cpuidle driver,a lot of hacks
  • Amitk/Mounir set a Connect session for Secure World Interface discussion

Old Action Items

  • Hongbo to publish u8500 driver tree to - may finish tomorrow.
  • Daniel to start discussion on lists about handling per-cpu latency tables (with a view towards big.LITTLE)
  • Dmitry to send a plan for 2-3 mobile workloads to be delivered by end of May
  • Vincent to send out 32-bit optimisations for per-task load average calculations to the list to gather community around this work. DONE.
  • Amitd to test thermal verificaion scripts on OMAP LEBs: INPROGRESS
  • Amitd Validate on Android image the script part of Thermal testing.
  • Amitd cc Andrew Morton on patch submission to expedite upstreaming of Thermal code.


  • ARM does not want us to publish scripts to mimic big.LITTLE on x86.
  • Reviewed Roadmap cards
    • cpuidle
      • Rob is waiting for new chip set revision to handle c-state.
      • Origen Amitd submitted a patch, no feedback
      • OMAP Daniel has submitted a large number of patches which may make 3.5
    • Thermal
      • Not getting quick feedback
      • OMAP, U8500, Samsung, driver pending on core code upstreamed.
  • Blueprints review
    • Move upstream cpuidle driver blueprint to 12.05
    • rest of the blueprints have been adjusted to 12.05
    • Concern was raised heavy load for blueprints in 12.05 given Connect, travel, holidays ....
  • Connect session for Secure world interface discussion

Skype chat log

[8:49:56 AM CDT] charlesgt_arm: hi
[8:50:01 AM CDT] * Amit Kucheria has changed the chat topic to "PMWG meeting 02-05-2012"
[8:50:34 AM CDT] Daniel Lezcano: Hello
[8:50:41 AM CDT] lopieralisi: hi
[8:52:57 AM CDT] Mounir Bsaibes: hi
[8:54:45 AM CDT] vingu-linaro: hi
[8:58:27 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: Agenda
[8:58:48 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: please feel free to add
[9:07:59 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria:
[9:15:21 AM CDT] macro_wave_z: I downloaded the codes in a snapshot tar ball, because of network limitation. so currently my work in not under control of git.
[9:16:15 AM CDT] hongbo: I will make my work under contol of git later.
[9:24:30 AM CDT] Robert Lee: dropping off now.  Goodbye all
[9:36:26 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria:
[9:45:49 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria:
[9:46:29 AM CDT] hongbo: many typo in this page: for example, the last "Kernel & PwrMgt Engineering Thursday", Thuesday should be Friday
[9:46:51 AM CDT] hongbo: I mean this page:
[9:46:59 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: Hongbo, that will get fixed by the scheduler

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