PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 29-02-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Dmitry Antipov


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robert lee


Lorenzo Pieralisi


Charles Garcia-tobin

Vinguo-linaro ?


  • People
  • Blueprint status: List of blueprints for this month

  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Weekly reports

  • Miscellaneous topics
    • Getting stuff merged into 3.4 (2 weeks)
      • misc. patches by Dmitry
      • exynos common save and restore
      • cpuidle common code
      • Status of common struct clock
        • Magnus' SH port?

New Action items

  • Rob to test Amitd Thermal code on i.MX
  • Vincent to find out inside ST-E whether PRCMU supports off mode cpuidle c-states.
  • Mounir/Amit to discuss with TSC how to handle the Thermal work. The current requirements are done, but there are new features being suggested.

Old Action Items

  • Amitd host a git tree for the thermal scripts, talk with Jesse and Alexandro how GLMark will work to exercise GPU then merge with PM-QA.
  • Amit to write the plan for sched_mc what to deliver in the next few months, Vincent to review. Then will create the roadmap cards. In Progress
  • Rob/Daniel to review Rob's cpuidle patch sets for Rob to refresh the version by end of the week. Done
  • Amit to followup/help get feedback for Amitd thermal patches and close on thermal design. Done


  • cpuidle
    • Discussion about ack and review tags in the patches and who is the maintainer of the cpuidle core. Rafael J. Wysocki is the maitainer, should be copied on the patches. Another suggestion is to copy Andrew Morton directly.
    • Work is done - waiting on acknowlegment from maintainer.
    • Will try the suggestions for ack, review before we claim that the work is blocked.
  • Common Clock
    • Work is done it will be either in 3.4 or Linux-next
    • Magnus Damm has reviewed it
    • Arnd is willing to cary it as a branch, Russell will still ack it.
  • Exynos Common Store/restore will be merged in 3.4
  • blueprints review
    • Focus of this month is to handle cpuidle common code and all platforms cpuidle drivers.
    • If it cannot be merged, will create a topic branch for all cpuidle work and and give it to linaro-kernel to merge.
    • Thermal Durgadon from intel provided some good feedback, Amit will update accordingly.
    • work is pretty much done, completing all requirements, what is left is update based on
    • ACPI maintainer feedback is not forthcoming

Skype chat

ednesday, February 29, 2012
[8:57:07 AM CDT] * Amit Kucheria waves
[8:57:33 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: will call in 5 mins
[8:57:38 AM CDT] Daniel Lezcano: ok
[8:57:49 AM CDT] Robert Lee: Roger Roger
[8:57:56 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: dmitry: I'll call you
[8:58:29 AM CDT] lopieralisi: ok
[8:58:32 AM CDT] Charles Garcia-Tobin: ok
[8:58:42 AM CDT] Mounir Bsaibes: Mounir: ok
[8:59:10 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: I don't have hongbo and mike's skype ids so we'll go on w/o them
[8:59:19 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: Agenda:
[9:01:20 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: Please feel free to add anything else you want to discuss to the agenda
[9:01:37 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: ok, call time
[9:06:43 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria:
[9:07:13 AM CDT] * Amit Kucheria invited mturquette
[9:09:30 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: welcome vincent
[9:21:57 AM CDT] Robert Lee: I'll use your cover letter suggestion Mike
[9:22:32 AM CDT] Daniel Lezcano: Rob : may be you can Cc Rafael J. Wysocki
[9:22:54 AM CDT] Robert Lee: Ok, I think he is the one  I was talking about
[9:23:14 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: He is the PM maintainer
[9:23:14 AM CDT] Daniel Lezcano: oh ok.
[9:23:46 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: true
[9:23:52 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: Daniel's right
[9:26:48 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: someone is typing too loudly :)
[9:28:29 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: #rtlinux ?
[9:28:45 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: tglx on rt linux channel
[9:29:09 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: dmitry ^^^^
[9:29:54 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: great!!!
[9:30:49 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: magnus damm
[9:31:00 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: renesas
[9:31:25 AM CDT] Daniel Lezcano: :)
[9:32:10 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: thanks lorenzo
[9:33:18 AM CDT] Dmitry Antipov: What's an exact name for 'rt linux' channel?
[9:33:19 AM CDT] lorenzo pieralisi: thanks AmitD !! More to come with A15 8-)
[9:33:34 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria: dmitry: talk to mike
[9:34:40 AM CDT] Amit Kucheria:
[9:34:48 AM CDT] * Mounir Bsaibes has changed the chat topic to "PMWG meeting 02-29-2012"
[9:37:45 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: durgadoss from intel reviewed my thermal patches and gave some good comments. Working on it
[9:42:11 AM CDT] Charles Garcia-Tobin: At least for PRMCU firmware that was available with the 8500 system that was being used by a nameless failing large mobile phone company, i am pretty sure this was not supported
[9:43:24 AM CDT] Mike: dmitry: i don't have my irc client in front of me
[9:43:39 AM CDT] Mike: i'll send you the proper #rtlinux channel info once I get to work (in a couple of hours)
[9:43:45 AM CDT] Dmitry Antipov: ok
[9:45:08 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: mounir:Hi
[9:45:20 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: I think mostly done
[9:46:01 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: Only rework against the comments and re-submit
[9:48:09 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: I think current code completes all the requirement as of now
[9:48:48 AM CDT] amit daniel kachhap: yes acpi maintainers feedback is not very forthcoming

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