PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 22-02-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Dmitry Antipov


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robert lee


Lorenzo Pieralisi



  • People
  • Review action items from last meeting
  • sched_mc: Need a plan for sched_mc work, to update the roadmap card.
  • cpuidle: getting it upstream
  • thermal: other work from Connect
    • devfreq cooling device?
  • Weekly reports

  • Miscellaneous topics
    • move to skype - establish contact with Amit K on Skype

New Action items

  • Amitd host a git tree for the thermal scripts, talk with Jesse and Alexandro how GLMark will work to exercise GPU then merge with PMQA.
  • Amit to write the plan for sched_mc what t deliver in the next few months, Vincent to review. Then will create the roadmap cards.

Old Action Items

  • Rob/Mike/Mounir to list the new Work items for the common cpuidle that Rob adn Mike like to work on and find a bp to add to. A series of notes about the subject, but WI's not listed yet. Done.
  • Amitd to test Thermal Management on Android. created a script and using oxbenchmark to geenrate heat. Done.
  • Amit to followup / help get feedback for Amitd thermal patches and close on thermal design
  • Rob/Daniel to review Rob's cpuidle patch sets for Rob to refresh the version by end of the week.


  • cpuidle roadmap card, we need all 4 platforms cpuilde at least hitting WFI and we want them to be merged in 3.4.
  • Sched_mc roadmap card needs to be deleted and new epic page be written and new cards created.
  • cpuidle v3 & v4 exist, Rob wants to decide on which way to go, he needs some feedback on these versions. The work can be done this week. The merge window for 3.4 is Mid-March time frame.

  • Thermal - at connect there was a suggestion to use Devfreq for cooling device. Amitd will add another cooling device using devfreq. but first will finish the cpufreq work. will create new card for the devfreq cooling device.
  • Will move to use skype for the meeting.
  • Dimitry - will follow up on the hrtimer patches and will try to get the patch merged on 3.4
  • Amitd posted a new version of the of cooling device waiting for review, Intel at connect said will review. If they don't will call them directly.
  • Daniel - problem with deadlock will talk with Vincent.

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