PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 01-02-2012




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Dmitry Antipov


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robert lee


Lorenzo Pieralisi



New Action items

  • TBA

Old Action Items

  • Mounir to follow up with release management on Thermal patch why it was not included in the H/W packs to enable thermal. Done A bug was opened
  • Rob/Mike/Mounir to list the new Work items for the common cpuidle that Rob adn Mike like to work on and find a bp to add to. A series of notes about the subject, but WI's not listed yet.
  • Amitd to test Thermal Management on Android. created a script and usign oxbenchmark to geenrate heat.
  • Amit to followup / help get feedback for Amitd thermal patches and close on thermal design


  • Agenda for PMWG @ Linaro Connect:

  • Rob
    • Thermal
      • Submitted the latest patch, but no feedback so far.
      • Will take the latest Amitd cooling driver and integrate it with i.MX driver.
    • Common cpuidle
      • submitted v4 of patches last night, if not accepted by the community will go back to v3 with helpers and wrappers functions.
  • Vincent
    • Preparing for Linaro Connect presentation.
    • Will try to get the new patch for SMP cpuidle this Friday, at least into his own git tree. Not sure will be able to do it b/c he is concentrating on the Connect presentation.
  • Dmitry
    • Tried to develop a benchmark for thermal code, but encountered some obscure issues in the kernel, trying to resolve with Daniel
  • Amitd
    • wrote a script to automate exercising thermal management
  • Daniel
    • Received the doc for DB8500, checked the registers and masks in the driver.
    • got the WFI driver for ST-E into fit tree based on common cpuidle code, Rob will include in his submission.
      • writing new routines for prcmu Write standby & interrupt will submit to LinusW soon.

    • Mike
      • Close to submit V5, major re-factoring of code

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