PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 05-10-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Steven Jahnke


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robin Randhawa


Lorenzo Pieralisi



New Action items

  • Mounir to review the note from Amit about Daniel's blueprints for backlog and 11.10 milestone.

Old Action Items

  • AmitK to figure out what powersupply PNWG needs for use for measurement
  • Amitk to contact Kevin Hillman about which NIDAK to use - Trying to get Dave to talk about his H/W dungle.
  • Mike to send a schematic how to solder a resistor across VBAT, power measurement. carry over
  • Rob to test sched_mc patch on i.MX6 and give feedback carry over
  • AmitD to send content of /proc/interrupt on Samsung board to Daniel
  • Amitk to set a Connect Session to discuss with Graphics WG about Graphics & Power management - DONE

  • Rob to send an email to the group to solicit feedback on a generic cpuidle driver


  • Sessions for Connect has been set, see

  • Daniel
    • Trying to figure out which IRQ will work for ARM platform for cpuset, has sent a note to Frederick and waiting for response
  • Vincent
    • discussed sched_mc findings, tried to emulate dual package instead of quadcore, modified his git tree by adding a patch for ARM to add the capability to modify cpu power, interested in the PMWG to review the patch before sending it to the community. Also, started to connect cpufreq with cpu capacity, need more study to come to a conclusion on load balancing anf cpu capacity.
  • Mike
    • Common clock: Focusing on converting OMAP clock tree to use 100% the clock framework, first priority is to boot Pandaboard with 100% clock using the clock framework
  • Steve
    • Thermal framework: will put a ptach upstream about Thermal framework to tell what we are doing to get a solution acceptable upstream, before expand a lot of energy on solution that will be rejected.

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