PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 21-09-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Steven Jahnke


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robin Randhawa


Lorenzo Pieralisi



New Action items

  • AmitK to talk to Paul Larson about remote Power supply, what they use on the lab.
  • Mike to send a schematic how to solder a resistor across VBAT, power measurement.
  • Rob to test sched_mc patch on i.MX6 and give feedback
  • Amit D. and Daniel to get together to get some cgroup+cpuset measurements from Samsung board.

Old Action Items

  • Daniel: Experiment with cgroups+cpusets to achieve equivalent of hotplugging: INPROGRESS, waiting for tools to do measurement
    • don't have H/W yet
    • Amit K to talk with Paul Larson about what power supply they have in the lab.
    • Mike to send the model number for the power supply they use internally.
    • Mike said Dave Anders is working on a low cost device which will be released soon.
    • Amit D. and Daniel to get together and see what can be measured and get some measurement fro Samsung board.


  • Linaro Connect Q2011.4 Attendance
    • Vincent is not coming
    • Mike - no confirmation yet, by next week may have confirmation
    • Rob - yes
    • Mounir - yes
    • Lorenzo, long shot, as he is going to Prague before Orlando
    • Amit D. yes
    • Daniel - yes
    • Steve - to confirm
  • Holidays / Vacations, seems very low activity will be around Christmas/New Year
    • Vincent 2-3 weeks
    • Daniel 2 weeks end of year
    • Mounir - 2 weeks end of year and maybe few days after Connect in Orlando
    • Amit K will take sometimes in November and probably another week at end of the year.
    • Rob - 1-2 weeks towards the end of year
  • For timer interrupt/migration should talk to John Stultz. Linux kernel sends timer interrupt info to the cpu the interrupt started on.
  • Origen Save/Restore
    • Lorenzo pulled Amit tree and based his patches on it, things looks pretty good. Soon will publish the cpuidle driver with the latest changes.
    • Still have to look at the security code
  • Sched_mc
    • AmitD reported a crash on Origen board, looking for the root cause of the crash
    • Daniel to apply sched_mc patch to Omap and see if can help AmitD and Vincent with the crash issue, whether it happens on OMAP as well.
  • Next quarter planning - major items
    • Common Clock Framework
    • Continue saving power with sched_mc work
    • Thermal Management, modify existing framework

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