PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 07-09-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Steven Jahnke


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Robin Randhawa


Lorenzo Pieralisi



New Action items

  • Mounir to send Linaro Release Calendar to the team
  • Tools to take power measurements are needed

Old Action Items

  • Mounir: Announce the pm-qa project - Done
  • Daniel: Write up an overview of cgroups and cpusets and description of the script he wrote on a wiki page to start extend it and to add measurement results to that wiki. DONE.
  • Amit/Mounir to discuss the monthly release planning and possibly create a wiki page of when what to do at the beginning of each month. INPROGRESS, waiting on Amit review.
  • Mike: Send details about low-power mp3 testcase to list: PENDING
  • Daniel: Experiment with cgroups+cpusets to achieve equivalent of hotplugging: INPROGRESS, waiting for tools to do measurement
  • Daniel: (Added later): Send pointer to or Write up an overview of cgroups and cpusets: PENDING


  • Vincent
    • sched_mc wiki still under construction
    • Testing sched_mc configuration, not have real results yet. hoping to have results in 1-2 weeks.
    • Still studying the scheduler
  • Amit D.
    • Implemented exynos4 sleep code with SR common platform code and published it.
    • Worked on fixing exynos4 thermal sensor with the steve's generic thermal framework code. Did some testing and was able to use all components, cooling device, thermal governor, thermal sensor .. Will do some cleanup and publish the code.
  • Daniel
    • Looking at OMAP4 cpuidle patch set
    • Looking at cpuidle framework
  • Lorenzo
    • Solved a couple of issues with the secure suspend.
    • There might be a chance to have a common code for suspend, cpuidle and hotplug still working on it, will post when more testing is done.
  • Rob
    • Started taking measurements to determine if cpuidle menu governor uses signifcant power.

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