PM WG weekly status meeting

Wednesday, 06-07-2011




IRC Nick

Amit Kucheria


Vishwanath Sripathy


Mike Turquette


Vincent Guittot


Amit Kachhap


Steven Jahnke


Daniel Lezcano


Mounir Bsaibes


Bobby Bhatacharia


Srinivas Kalaga


Robin Randhawa



New Action items

  • ACTION: Steve to see about geting 4460 Panda Board to Cambridge (for thermal demo and hacking)
  • ACTION: Vincent to update test script for sched_mc
  • ACTION: Amit K. to follow up with Daniel (upon his return from holiday) to integrate Vincent's script into PM QA test script
  • ACTION: Rob Lee to try out sched_mc patches on i.MX53 and more interestingly i.MX6x boards
  • ACTION: Rob Lee to review Yong's CPU_Idle patches and push to mainline.

Old Action Items

  • ACTION: Vishwa, Amit Daniel, Rob to try out Vincent's patch with and w/o sched mc, run the test script and share the results: PENDING
  • ACTION: Amit K. to add a slot for discussion on sched_mc in Sprint: DONE
  • ACTION: Amit K. to discuss monthly powerdebug blueprints with Daniel and Mounir: PENDING


  • Steve action: See about geting 4460 Panda Board to ARM (for August hacking session?)
  • Amit: Would like to get an Elba or Origin board to hacking session
  • Steve plans on meeting with Amit Daniel to hack in driver.
  • Vincent: sched_MC 11.07, patch will be delivered. Update to test script expected. Plan coding session around testing sched_MC, Daniel
  • Action for Amit K: Follow up with Daniel to integrate Vincents script into PM QA test script.
  • Robin action: Check on availability for August get together.
  • Vincent statement: sched_MC test script tests for performance degradation
  • Amit K: will be setting up individual calls at the beginning of each week to discuss focus for the week and month.
  • Mike: will not be attending August session, probably not Vishwa either. cpu_idle/hotplug August hack session, schedule around Mike's remote availability.
  • End of this week or next week, Mike to deliver cpu_idle/hotplug patches. Amit to push out to PM WG.
  • short workflow: Push to our own tree to, then ask Amit to pull it.
  • Steve: For individual trees, is working on kernel 3.0 ok? Amit: Yes
  • Rob Lee existing action from last week: try out sched MC patch on i.MX53 board to see if it causes any problems.
  • Rob Lee new action: CPU_Idle, review and push to mainline.
  • Rob Lee new action: communicate with Mike, Steve, or Mounir as needed to create blueprints

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