PM WG Weekly report

Wednesday, 19-04-2011

High-level summary (from tech lead)

  • XXX

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • Amit Kucheria
    • ELC: gave a talk, lots of hallway discussions
    • Started planning 11.11 blueprints
  • Vishwanath Sripathy
    • XXX
  • Yong Shen
    • resubmit patches for working iterms
    • finish sorting feature of powerdebug
  • Vincent Guittot
    • presentation of next linaro cycle activity (thermal framework)
    • start creating 11.11 blueprint
  • Amit Daniel Kachhap
    • Submitted the powertop patches to power mailing list and waiting for review comments
    • Investigated and fixed the frequency value not updated in case of power frequency events
    • Study of the perf tool for power events tracing
  • Steve Jahnke
    • Updated thermal blueprints to emphasis thermal framework and linked to prior work; updated prior wiki
    • Started discussion around Android on feasibility of thermal framework in kernel
    • Updated current thermal manager to reflect multiple thermal states (safe, monitor, alert, panic)
  • Torez Smith
    • XXX

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