PM WG Weekly report

Wednesday, DD-MM-2011

High-level summary (from tech lead)

  • XXX

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • Amit Kucheria
    • 1-on-1 calls to assignees to talk about status & next cycle

    • TSC technical discussion about PM
  • Vishwanath Sripathy
    • working on OMAP voltage layer clean up
  • Yong Shen
    • Investigate on hardware governor
    • Clarify state and status of regulator properties
    • Look into powerdebug issue that data struct is alloced every time of refreshing
  • Vincent Guittot
    • check cpu_hotplug and ftrace function filter
    • study loadavg and cpu hotplug trigger
    • study sched_mc and arm
    • test new u8500 hwpack with linaro binary
    • off half a day
  • Amit Daniel Kachhap
    • Verified the unstability issue of v310 cpufreq driver exists only in old version of board
    • Tested the v310 cpuidle patch. Will rebase it for linaro kernel and send it for submission shortly
    • 2 days travel to korea
  • Steve Jahnke
    • Received mods needed for Android for the thermal manager and reviewing
    • Building a Android version (Froyo) that works on Panda that has DVFS integrated
    • Will test out Android mods for the Thermal Manager on Panda and push up required patches
    • Thermal Manager will then be suited for x86 Linux (tested Ubuntu), ARM Linux (tested Ubuntu and openembedded) and Android
  • Torez Smith
    • Studied and coded up audio streaming PM wakeup QA. Uncovered a few bugs and filed bug reports for them.
    • Met again with Paul Larson and Zygmunt Krynicki to follow up on QA reporting.
    • Proposed method for reporting and graphing data being reported by the PM QA test cases. Scheduled follow up meeting for 3/11/11.
    • Studing power consumption measurements and ways to implement in automated test cases.

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