PM WG Weekly report

Wednesday, 26-01-2011

High-level summary (from tech lead)

  • XXX

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • Amit Kucheria
    • Started work on TSC technical discussion on power management
    • Testing MX5 hwpacks
  • Vishwanath Sripathy
    • XXX
  • Yong Shen
    • reproduce performance issue of ondemand governor on mx5 bbg board (done)
    • performance tuning of ondemand governor on mx5 bbg board (done)
    • do research on cpuidle implementation on mx5 (inprogress)
  • Vincent Guittot
    • follow cpu hotplug tracepoint patch discussion
    • push a proposal for adding cpu hotplug tracepoint
    • perform latency measurements and study results
    • Update wiki with 1st latency measurements result
  • Amit Daniel Kachhap
    • Created a test script to transfer data to target board as mass storage device. This is to verify and automate the real time nature of menu governor.
    • Created the binary image for powertop2.0 after cross compiling libnl, pciutils & zlib libraries. But some issue in executing the final image.

  • Steve Jahnke
    • XXX
  • Torez Smith
    • working on cpufreq blueprint
    • began wiki page write up for PM QA. Walking through dry run of write up uncovered quirks with dashboard
    • sorting out additional requirements for dashboard (test output formatting) with QA lead
    • identifying bugs with cpufreq interface, not allowing cpu scaling
    • integrating and debugging hotplug tests from multi-core-cpu-hotplug blueprint

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