PM WG Weekly report

Wednesday, 22-12-2010

High-level summary (from tech lead)

  • cpu hotplug latency infrastructure available

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • Amit Kucheria
    • Example: Wrote code for XXX, submitted to lkml (supply a link)
    • Example: investigated XXX
    • Example: worked on bug 123456 - fix released, incorporated into Ubuntu

    • Example: discussions with upstream on XXX
  • Vishwanath Sripathy
    • Prepared and sent Minutes/Summary of PM Bangalore Minisprint
    • Reviewed and helped to get SmartReflex patches upstreamed for 2.6.38

    • Working on DVFS Feature for OMAP
  • Yong Shen
    • Clock debug information based on common clk struck (passed jeremy's review)
    • look into working item "Add support to show Temperature Sensor information"
  • Vincent Guittot
    • proposed hotplug test sequence for internal review
    • start a pytimechart plugin for cpu hotplug
    • test cpu hotplug test sequence on u8500
  • Amit Daniel Kachhap
    • XXX
  • Steve Jahnke
    • XXX
  • Torez Smith
    • Distributed initial PM QA thoughts for internal review
    • Contacted Bobby Batacharia offering assistance in defining common cpuidle interfaces
    • began cpufreq test design and thoughts
    • On Vacation December 17th thru January 3rd

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