PM WG Weekly report

Wednesday, 01-12-2010

High-level summary (from tech lead)

  • Hotplug consolidation work was submitted to mainline and ran into rough weather with the ARM maintainer
  • Ondemand governor problems have been significantly alleviated by an upstream patch, confirmed on TI hardware
  • First draft of document detailing how thermal drivers could be consolidated is written, more details coming
  • Menu governor problems still be investigated

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • Amit Kucheria
    • Interviewing new candidates
    • Assignee evaluations
    • Reviewing imx51/53 patches
    • Hotplug refactoring discussions
  • Amit Arora
    • On holidays for 3 days
    • PowerDebug: Worked on patch to find all the parent clocks for a given clock

  • Vishwanath Sripathy
    • Completed investigation on ondemand limitations and sent the consolidated report
    • sent the ondemand optimization patch to lo mailing list
    • Updated blueprint on ondemand performance
    • Reviewed patches related to cpuidle Errata posted by Nishant Menon to lo
    • Work with Jean on finalizing CPUIdle latency infrastructure
  • Yong Shen
    • Further enhance common clock debug information according to Jeremy's suggestions (suspend due to maintainer is busy on other things)
    • Reorganize mc13892 and mc13783 code to let them share some common code (partly finished)
    • write thermal doc in wiki (add sample of how cooling device is binded to a thermal one)
    • started looking at regulator visualization in powerdebug( regulator is basically visualized on imx51 babbage)
  • Vincent Guittot
    • upstream Hotplug patch and start discussion
    • study relevant hotplug test
  • Amit Daniel Kachhap
    • Incorporated review comments & submitted the patch for debug-fs clock for samsung platform.

    • Tested the linaro power management tools(powertop, powerdebug) and linaro filesystem for orion board.
    • Investigated the cpuidle menu governor for any performance issues.

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