* Period: (2011-01-27 to 2012-02-02)

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Issue getting feedback from maintainers

Team Highlights

  • Linaro Connect Sessions planning https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/PowerManagement/Doc/SFO_2012Q1

  • Completed 2011Q4 Roadmap Cards close out
  • Rob
    • Thermal
      • Submitted the latest patch, but no feedback so far.
      • Will take the latest Amitd cooling driver and integrate it with i.MX driver.
    • Common cpuidle
      • submitted v4 of patches last night, if not accepted by the community will go back to v3 with helpers and wrappers functions.
  • Vincent
    • Preparing for Linaro Connect presentation.
    • Will try to get the new patch for SMP cpuidle this Friday, at least into his own git tree. Not sure will be able to do it b/c he is concentrating on the Connect presentation.
  • Dmitry
    • Tried to develop a benchmark for thermal code, but encountered some obscure issues in the kernel, trying to resolve with Daniel
  • Amitd
    • wrote a script to automate exercising thermal management
  • Daniel
    • Received the doc for DB8500, checked the registers and masks in the driver.
    • got the WFI driver for ST-E into linaro.org fit tree based on common cpuidle code, Rob will include in his submission.
      • writing new routines for prcmu Write standby & interrupt will submit to LinusW soon.

    • Mike
      • Close to submit V5, major re-factoring of code

Invidividual reports (from team members)


Risks / Issues








Common Clock feedback stagnate, after Thomas feedback on cookies, need to find a away to move forward.

Thomas has provided feedback, Mike is working on V5

feedback lead to code re-design, major change



State of cpuidle work, a lot of work, but not getting good feedback from maintainers

Amitd is sending another patch and will ping the maintainers again, Amit took the action to find who else we can ask for feedback


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