Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Connect in Orlando Sessions & hacking sessions:

  • sched_mc
    • Prepared and presented the slides at Connect
    • Add time weighted for load balance for each task.
    • Test sched_mc with a framework
    • Review current sched_mc optimization patch : some ongoing modifications, Vincent will submit new version soon and will remove a patch that does the same thing as another one that already exist.
    • Start discussing load balance and ARM topology
  • Cpuidle
    • Rob has sent the common cpuidle to the group which was reviewed with Daniel. Daniel suggested that best to fix the core cpuidle which makes porting to the platforms much easier.
    • Rob is looking / studying SMP cpuidle, so far the thought is changes to menu governor may be needed.
    • Amitd Working on second version of cpuidle patches adding review comments and rebase with K3.1 stable.
    • Daniel discussed with Deepthi about collaborating to clean up the cpuidle core code. She agree to join our efforts.
  • Common clock framework
    • last issue for common clock framework is resolved. Panda is now 100% converted to use Common Clock Framework.
    • Some platform work is happening to convert to the new framework. ShawnGuo from Freescale start converting to the framework and provided feedback

    • The goal is to do some additional clean-up and release towards the end of this week.
    • No need to spend time on back porting to Linaro-kernel as Linaro-kernel will be following Linux tip in the near future.
  • Thermal Manager
    • Rob Started work to upstream i.MX6 temperature sensor and thermal driver.
  • Component to be released this month
    • power-qa will put small test for cpuidle
    • powerdebug no change
    • powertop no change

Meeting minutes

Individual Weekly Reports

Risks / Issues








cpusets-cgroups-benchmarking at risk to be delivered in November, need an Origen board

asked Joey and will follow you on who can spare the board for a month or so

Done - Daniel received an Origen board in Orlando


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