Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Sched_mc
    • Came up with workload to exercise sched_mc and pushed it to regression test suite
    • sched_mc tests on u8500 and vexpress with linaro 3.1 have passed
    • Will integrate sched_mc by the end of the week with Vincent git tree, but will not integrate in this month's linaro-kernel release
  • Thermal Management
    • Framework is done. Integrated with TILT tracking tree, but not fully workable right now for doing it's job, ie, stopping 4460 from crashing or resetting due to heat.
    • Supplied the TMU sensor driver and thermal interface layer to Samsung landing team for the hwpack release
    • Fixed some TMU sensor related bug reported by landing team.
  • cpuidle
    • AmitD Started samsung Internal discussions about mainlining the cpuidle driver.
  • Common Clock Framework
  • cpuset
    • Developed a utility to do cpu load balancing with cpuset
  • cpuidle
    • Finished common imx cpuidle driver version 3.
    • Continue working on common ARM cpuidle.
  • Releases
    • powerdebug and qa-power are released
    • powertop - no release this month, it was a bug release only. One bug is not fixed yet, but the cause of the bug is known. cpu usage% reported more than 100% , the cause is some perf events not captured by powertop,

Meeting minutes

Individual Weekly Reports

Risks / Issues

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