Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Continue with connect planning
  • Review of October deliverables
  • Sched_mc
    • started discussing sched_mc, ARM and cpufreq with Peter Z.
    • Investigate ILB behaviour. Face some issues with 3.0. Need to test some patches available on LKML
    • Investigate cpu_power update
  • Thermal Management
    • Completed port of samsung thermal sensor to thermal framework. is Implemented the wiki page will be updates by next week.

    • Updating the thermal wiki page with shortcomings of existing framework
    • Posted linux thermal framework patches within PM group for discussion
    • Thermal framework is compiling and working fine, doing some more verifying then will push upstream. looks good for next week delivery.
  • Common Clock framework
    • Finished conversion of OMAP clock tree to new format, now converting the OMAP function to use the new format, next will work on OMAP specific clock then push v3 to LKML. Boot still work in progress.
    • Implementing clk_set_parent
  • cpuhotplug
  • cpuidle
    • Was able to get an i.MX6 build working well enough to run the sched_mc tests from Vincent. Ran these tests and sent Vincent the results.
    • Started looking at the core Linux cpuidle driver changes that have been submitted recently which will affect the cpuidle work that Rob is doing.

Meeting minutes

Individual Weekly Reports

Risks / Issues

  • Outline the risks, issues you think might happen and how to mitigate them. Show the impact of the risk.
  • List any issues resolved since the last report.
  • Ageing for risks and issues: date risk/issue became apparent
  • Please include Impact: High/Medium/Low








Some risk

Will take some steps to mitigate



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