Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Planned the blueprints for October
  • Planning for Orlando - potential sessions:
    • hacking session around Common clk , maybe will invite Qualcom,
    • thermal Management - similar to what we did in Cambourne
    • general discussion session
    • sched_mc - will schedule a session in the morning Amit will co-ordiante with Vincent
    • DevFreq - Frequency scaling

    • Graphics and Power Management
  • Modifying the previously submitted imx driver to a generic ARM driver.
    • Russel wants one generic cpuidle driver that any anyone can use, not just for, i.mx6 driver is generic enough to be use, will base the generic cpuidle drive on it with feedback from various platforms.
      • currently the cpuidle doed not take into consideration that all core has to be powergated, cannot powergate one core. New Governor is needed to take this into account.
  • Start to emulate multi package on vexpress.
  • Implemented and posted another method for fixing sched_mc crash for exynos4. Waiting for russell feedback.
  • Tested and measured daniel's cpuset script on origen board.
  • Pushed common clk v2 patches to LKML -

  • Added url to the test description in the pm-qa output
  • Factored out Makefile for pm-qa
  • Writing cpu hotplug test cases description

Meeting minutes

Weekly Reports

Risks / Issues


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