Key Points for wider discussion

  • Very little activity will happen towards the end of the year, as many will be out on vacations / Holidays

Team Highlights

  • (For details, see the Meeting Minutes and Activity Report links below)

  • Updated PMWG consolidated kernel tree
  • Massive cleanup of blueprints to move to a more monthly planning/execution cycl
  • Tried to do some relevant sched_mc power measurement. Struggle with measurements on old power optimized kernel and new kernel which is not optimized
  • Study Idle Load Balancing (ILB) impact on power saving
  • performed non regression test on Linaro platforms with default configuration(sched_mc mode)
  • Fixed a crash in samsung platform with sched_mc enabled. Need to get it reviewed.
  • Conducted common clock call with key stakeholders as a follow up to LPC discussion
  • Released pm-qa-0.1.2
  • Released powerdebug-0.6.0
  • Submitted version 2 of an imx cpuidle driver.
  • For Origen Save/Restore Lorenzo pulled Amit tree and based cpuidle patches patches on it, things looks pretty good.
  • Next quarter planning - major items
    • Common Clock Framework
    • Continue saving power with sched_mc work
    • Thermal Management, modify existing framework

Meeting minutes

Activity Reports

Risks / Issues


  • Many are taken vacations/holidays towards the end of the year.

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