Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

Invidividual reports (from team members)

  • The PMWG will handle the common struck clk work, going forward
  • Steve Jahnke gave thermal talk at Linux Plumbers Conference Was pretty well received. Got a lot of comments and feedback from not just upstream, but also other Si vendors (Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm).
    • Basic feedback was that existing framework SHOULD be able to handle what we need (governor structure, etc.) so we should submit patches to that first.
    • The more complex items (tying multiple sensors into a single thermal zone) would be welcomed additions so we should propose and take the lead here
  • Samsung: Hosted the thermal sensor driver, thermal governor , cooling devices and the DVFS fixes that are not in mainline
  • Started testing sched_mc features in samsung exynos board.
  • Continuing the work on imx cpuidle driver, modifying code to be more community friendly and testing and fixing issues for compatibility with i.MX6Q.
  • Initial tests on the cpuidle menu governor showed some significant power inefficiency for some contexts, will discuss the findings with Linaro PMWG.
  • Studying the impact of flags and fields of struct sched_domain in scheduling policy

Meeting minutes

Activity Reports

Risks / Issues

  • PMWG is taken over for the common struct clk work, Mike Turquette will be 100% absorbed by this work, need to complete/re-assign Mike's current work.


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