Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Vincent - Made hotplug power measurements on st-e u8500 platform
    • mp3 playback test showed between 7 to 8% power improvement when use
    • cpuhotplug - For Linux idle case, no visible improvement as power is already very low.
    • Updated sched_mc wiki page with how load balancing is working
  • Daniel - Finished GPIO support in power debug. pm-qa lava integration went well, we should start seeing a daily test of power management suite.
  • Amit Daniel - Published git tree containing common Samsung save and restore code
  • Steve - preparing thermal framework for upstreaming and preparing for plumbers conference. Started to work on integration of thermal with OMAP4460 power management
  • Rob - re-writing cpuidle driver.
  • Mike Turquette - Started design work on struct clk, created some notes and design points for discussion at LPC
  • Amitk - Rebased PMWG kernel git tree to 3.1-rc4
    • Added u8500 thermal
    • Added omap dvfs
    • Added samsung common S&R

Meeting minutes

Activity Reports

Risks / Issues

  • Started to work on integration of thermal with OMAP4460 power management; testing on Panda will still be an issue as HW not available


  • Vishwa has left Linaro.

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