Key Points for wider discussion

  • Milestones naming convention discussion via emails, if a team using a single upstream series, there is no need to include the series in the milestone. so for example instead of $series-2011.07 , 2011-07 is ok.

Team Highlights

  • Continue to integrate all PMWG's patches
    • Pushed sched_mc patch from Vincent for Linaro kernel inclusion
    • Sync with Andy's tree to try to pull in 4460 patches. s.
    • Continue to push IMX hardware and cpuidle patches to mainline.
  • Cambridge Planning
  • Powertop2.0
    • Ported on android gingerbread. Both dump and ncurses mode working.
    • Fine tuning the patch for above. Will send it to upstream shortly.

Risks / Issues


  • Vacations
    • Daniel Lezcano
    • Vincent Guittot

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