Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights


  • Review sched_mc patch and study MPIDR
  • send AMR cpu topology patch
  • test and study sched_domain fields and flags
  • start to test cpu topo patch on pandroid


  • Review powerdebug patches, handover maintenance to Daniel
  • Powerdebug tagged version 0.5.0
  • made the display code modular
  • added mainloop code
  • added sensor display
  • fixed and added the search for parent clock
  • updated for powerdebug and pm-qa

Thermal Management

  • Reviewed kernel thermal framework implementation (currently TI Internal) and gave feedback
  • Shared MPIDR values for OMAP4
  • Sent OMAP3 DVFS Fix for 11.05 kernel
  • Internal review of thermal sensor done.


  • Analyse & fix the issue of frequency not captured in latest powertop. Issue identified and the patch will be sent soon.

Power QA

  • Energy measurement discussions with QA team


  • Vacation Amit on vacation 2 days this week

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