Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

August Sprint

  • Planning for Cambridge
  • Daniel will not attend the Linaro sprint.

Power management kernel tree

  • Amitk will create and start to maintain the kernel tree.


  • finalize on cpu topology patch
  • vishwas has tested cpufreq on omap3, few patches are missing in linaro kernel.

Thermal Management

  • preparing thermal framework for Arm on 2.6.39
  • Thermal sensor driver internal review.
  • Tested the driver with user level daemon.
  • Submitted a patch for some sysfs field not present in samsung cpufreq driver.


Risks / Issues

  • idle cycle injection
    • upstream of google idle cycle injection has been stopped for the moment


  • Interviewing new candidate
  • thermal delivery/demo is postponed to July on 2 or 3 platforms

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