Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Continue blueprint gardening and Work items creation


  • Finalizing cpu topology patch
  • Trying to find a way to easily show migration activity and trigger.
  • Hotplug:
    • Remove cpu hotplug from omap cpufreq
    • Start studying idle cycle injection
  • Cpuidle consolidation:
    • Finalizing patch set and validating it


  • fixed several bugs in the new clock code
  • added pad for display output and scrolling
  • fixed the "refresh" which breaks the tree expansion
  • new powerdebug clock code will be posted today or tomorrow

Thermal Management

  • Initial thermal sensor driver with hwmon interface for samsung platform is running. The next step is to use it with the thermal manager

Risks / Issues


  • New starters Robert Lee from freescale.
  • Mike Turquette is now 100% Linaro-focused

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