Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Power Management Public Plan review was done on Tuesday.
  • Continue Blueprint drafting and Work items setup or cycle 11.11

Thermal Management

  • Last week, a thermal demo on Panda Board has been planned and the implementation on other board should follow after this demo. Amitdk has added work items for Samsung and ST-Ericsson board
  • The wiki page has been updated with a block diagram which shows separate Hwmon and thermal fwk drivers. This could be an intermediate step to fast up thermal fwk driver upstream. Still under discussion
  • Steve & Vishwa will manage the 1st thermal driver implementation on Panda.

  • Note : PMWG would increase its focus on Android in the coming weeks.
  • Started work on samsung thermal sensor.



  • A 1st version based on MPIDR is running.
  • Context save/restore and cpuidle code consolidation
  • Work on save/restore outer cache and MMU. The code uses some function of suspend/resume
  • 1st patch version will be pushed on LKML by the end of the week.
  • Start arm topology definition

Risks / Issues

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