Team Highlights

  • 12.02 milestone release: as per we have

    • Patched alsa-lib and pulseaudio with UCM related patches. Patches include fixed alsa-lib bugs causing multiple enable/disable devices/modifiers, added basic HiFi UCM support for i.mx53 and Panda/PandaES, and enabled support for jack detection in UCM for pulseaudio

    • NEON optimisation work for realvideo in libav completed--radically increasing the speed for the codec on ARM with benchmarking tests integrated into LAVA infrastructure
    • Released libjpeg-turbo 1.2 version, with benchmarking tests integrated into LAVA infrastructure
    • For the end to end audio testing, the prototype which was released earlier for x86 testing has now been ported to ARM (pandaboard). To remind, this prototype is a test application intended for automated testing of the audio stack for Ubuntu on a pandaboard end-to-end
    • Also bug was fixed (resample method corrected for i.mx53)

    • CMA LAVA testing scripts were updated for thee v19 of CMA patches
    • Also the dmabuf + camera demo was completed, demo was shown at ELC and Connect. Through the demo the codebase patches for drm/dmabuf were rebased on 3.3-rc1. Still missing: v4l2/dmabuf patches rebasing on 3.3-rc1.
  • Still some blueprints were not completed:
  • 12.03 plans are now being put together (a shortlist is in The group is changing slightly the way of working with blueprints. A new milestone called "wip" was added (on top of the existing 2012.xy and backlog milestones). The idea is to use wip as a way to indicate work which is ongoing but not yet ready for a milestone release. This is done in hope that it will minimise shifting of blueprints between monthly milestones, whilst also indicating a clear intention and action to work on the specific backlog items (leaving the corresponding blueprints to backlog opaques the action of working on something in preparation for a future release).

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