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September 22


Android release has been made: check this thread in linaro-dev. Also libjpeg-turbo library startup has been reworked to utilize fini and init library calls instead of initializing the library when tests for the existence of certain functions are called.

UCM Audio integration

September 22


Complete implementation and testing of baseline UCM configurations for ARM reference platforms. Snowball/Exynos related testing is now postponed for after 1109 (for Snowball there were issues with the sound support which did not allow the testing of this package, with Exynos there is another thread in the community covering this same work - so we postponed to check it again in October and decide if we need to do anything)

Codec optimization

September 22

Released. Release made through the wiki:

Community optimization of x264 codec for ARM - parameters optimization: instructions given in the wiki

September 22

Not released yet

Release ready checking with TSC for the license Shortened versions of the files are prepared and uploaded to (the current gstreamer tests can do everything they need with just 2-5 second samples. 45-75 second samples are more useful for benchmarking than sanity/regression testing, so the extra MBs are mostly wasted)

September 22

Milestone:, Blueprint:


Speex port for ARM


September 22

Milestone:, Blueprint:

DONE - missing a report from Benjamin Gaignard on the event participation

Present the survey results to OpenMAX IL WG

NEON optimization

September 22

Milestone:, Blueprint:


Finalized the presentations from the summit - material available through


Fix exists

assigned to wei_feng - has now a workable version see

Fix released

assigned to kan_hu -;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/tilt-linux-linaro-3.0 should fix the kernel side - alsa/pulseaudio seems to work with the setup as in

Fix exists (patch) - pending acceptance from upstream to get into the packaged kernel

assigned to mru - Mans has submitted a patch to load the needed modules for pandaboard -

not marked as Fixed yet

Seems a duplicate of 760919 - Sound works on Beagle-xm with latest Linaro kernel and stock ALSA userspace. The mixer controls for the output jack on the board are the "Headset" ones.

not Fixed yet

Ongoing investigation

  • For the codec optimization the previously targeted speech codec optimization is - as communicated before - postponed. Blueprint The reasons were as follows

    1. Speex is a CELP based codec built for robustness for packet losses but bandwidth requirements are considerable.
    2. Speex use case for Embedded devices is not compelling as the decodes more often than not are connected to a wireless telecom network in which voice calls can be made directly.Secondly, Speex is not being used in any major applications.At best products can use Skype to provide VOIP feature.
    3. Speex(VOIP) can be used in the future in case of ARM based desktops or laptops in the future.
    4. Someone had already submitted patches for a cycle intensive module of speex.
    5. There are many other low hanging fruits to be picked other than speex.
    A Speex version for ARM has been released. But from the optimization point of view it the work planned out did not make much sense anymore.

Team Highlights

  • For the release we are looking into the final piece of the jigsaw which is the test content - that required a special check with the TSC so that we are given the green light to distribute content which is Creative Commons licensed. Checking with the TSC is ongoing.
  • Team has started planning the content for 11.10 release.
  • For Connect:
    • NEON optimization forum: organized a couple of presentations for LCQ4.11 - one of which will be "best practices"
  • Requirements for the next quarter - list of what is being considered is as follows (Items without a link in papyrs need still to be described and justified)

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