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September 22

Not released yet

Android release has been made: check this thread in linaro-dev. Patch also accepted upstream - new BPs created for this work to follow the stream of patches upstream (under backlog in Latest status: updated to r702, submitted into revu, feedback received, acted on FFe bug evaluated and seems to have support for ltj to be included in oneiric, fabo working on debian acceptance

UCM Audio integration

September 22

Not released yet - a release is made needs to be included in the official release

Complete implementation and testing of baseline UCM configurations for ARM reference platforms. Snowball related testing is now postponed for after 1109 as snowball ubuntu support for audio still has issues

Codec optimization

September 22

Release made through the wiki:

Community optimization of x264 codec for ARM - parameters optimization: instructions given in the wiki

September 22

Not released yet

Shortened versions of the files are prepared and uploaded to (the current gstreamer tests can do everything they need with just 2-5 second samples. 45-75 second samples are more useful for benchmarking than sanity/regression testing, so the extra MBs are mostly wasted)


September 22

Milestone:, Blueprint:

DONE - missing a report from Benjamin Gaignard on the event participation

Present the survey results to OpenMAX IL WG

NEON optimization

September 22

Milestone:, Blueprint:


Finalize the presentations from the summit - material available through


Fix exists

assigned to wei_feng - has now a workable version see

Fix exists

assigned to kan_hu -;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/tilt-linux-linaro-3.0 should fix the kernel side - alsa/pulseaudio seems to work with the setup as in

Fix exists (patch)

assigned to mru - Mans has submitted a patch to load the needed modules for pandaboard -

not Fixed yet

Seems a duplicate of 760919

not Fixed yet

Ongoing investigation

Team Highlights

  • On 1109 progress is being made: LJT is well on its way for inclusion to Oneiric, UCM has made a release, ARM Speex is in the works. Also omapdrm (for UMM) is now available through Jesse Barker's git tree. NEON optimization Forum material is already consolidated in the wiki, OpenMAX survey has been presented to OpenMAX IL WG meeting.
  • Brainstorming over the next quarter possible threads of work (in no particular order)
    • libpng optimization
    • better video rendering integration in UI
    • Audio DTS decoding - could be tricky, involves legal aspects which need to be carefully looked at
    • Compressed data sound support (as in

    • Realvideo on ARM (popular on countries like China) - needs optimization for eg 720p playback (VGA is ok)

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