Team Highlights

  • Changes: Mandeep Kumar is not contributing to Linaro work (the member company is determining his replacement - not yet decided who it will be). As a plan-B Ilias has asked Rony Nandy to look after JPEG-turbo for 1107 release, providing the release and any necessary highlights to release management. This plan should be confirmed with Kurt once he is back from vacation by Mon 11 July. Ilias has already shared all the needed info with Rony for jpeg-turbo, and information related to the Android side of the work has been shared (with thanks to Zach for his support)
  • As a result of this change sending the public plan review presentation to the TSC was postponed till Kurt has a new version of the plan.
  • Public plan review: this is still planned to take place on 13 or 14 of July. Final date will be determined next week.
    • The blueprints for the work now look to be mostly in shape. Still to cover
      • Userspace UMM - robclark needs to clarify still (before Tue 12 July) whether any userspace API related to buffer sharing needs a separate blueprint or it can be as a set of work items in the existing memory management blueprints.

      • Jpeg optimization related to codec optimization - due to the change mentioned above this will need to be revised to identify how to meet the 1107 and beyond targets

      • As a result of the change the team will doublecheck other blueprints - eg if Rony looks at jpeg-turbo for 1107 then the timeline for deliverables of NEON forum work or speech codec optimization work will need to be adjusted
    • The full set of requirements:

Upcoming Deliverables

Risks / Issues

  • With Mandeep out, the share of the work will be distributed to others and that could cause delays








Losing engineer who was dealing with libjpeg-turbo work

Replacement sought after in member company, deputy assignee for the work items with high priority for 1107



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