* Period: Week 15+16/11(2011-03-07 to 2011-04-25)

Key Points for wider discussion

  • MM WG progress status is not reflecting correct status.

Team Highlights

  • Linaro image is not working properly over panda board. Image is booting but perf utility not working and noted this as bug.
  • Work on adding memory statistics to system metrics app. in progress.
  • Migration of all NEON and color conversion patches to libjpeg-turbo in still ongoing.
  • Follow-up with STE for providing Vp8 decoder optimization ongoing. Discussion ongoing between STE legal and Joey (Linaro).
  • GST AAC encoder plug-in up-streamed.
  • Review comments from platform team on system metrics app. to be incorporated and is under discussion.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Metrics app. and media player app. (Version).

Risks / Issues

  • MMWG team members are not be able to travel to UDS due to VISA and other issues.
  • Many of BP are duplicate and few BP are not visible on the status tool. PM informed tool owner few months back but the issue is still open.
  • Perf tool not working on panda board which is stopping to test metrics verification tool over real hw.


  • Vacations/holidays
    • STE India team was OFF on 22nd April,11 due to Good Friday as public holiday.
    • Rajeev OFF on 13th and 19th April,11
    • Vishal additional OFF on 25-26 April,11

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