Key Points for wider discussion

  • None.

Team Highlights

  • Very good technical discussions at Linaro Sprint in Dallas which was related to direction of FFMPEG Vp8 codec optimization and EGL APIs support for GST-EGL sink.
  • Very good progress on capturing system metrics application
  • Scope of optimization in existing pulse audio may be very limited. Sachin to work with Kurt to identify the scope of optimization.
  • GIT account created for complete multimedia team except Jian. Now, onward team need to upload their developments to GIT.
  • 1st phase of Bellagio code sent to upstream for review.
  • Very good progress on system metrics application. Prototype for socket based communication between system metrics app. and perf tool functional.
  • Hot spot identified for JPEG decoder optimization. Code changes for NEON optimization is in progress.
  • GST-OMX zero copy proposal finalized and sent to upstream for review.
  • Profiling tool DS5 setup ready for few team members and ongoing for pending ones.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • None

Risks / Issues

  • Short of resources for GST releated topics and need prioritization. Team reduced by 1 resource (Alex).
  • Few of team members not able to access git account due to their internal IT rules. Every team member /organization is working on this.
  • Team located at different map zones not allowing convenient timings for discussions with everyone.
  • Pulse Audio task allocated to team may not have much value add.
  • Jian not willing to work on allocated task as his skills not fitting to it. Propose to change resource within FreeScale.

  • Need of gate keeper was identied for the gstreamer patches which need to be upstreamed. These gate keeper will be from Multimedia working group who will review and own the code.
  • Mitigation:
    • Need to prioritization the tasks and consider for next cycle 11.11 (under discussion).


  • Vacations/holidays
    • 26th January OFF in India for "Republic day"
    • Freescale engineers (Jian and Kan) on leave for Wk03 (17th - 24 Jan, 11)
    • STE engineers (Sachin and Sudip) on leave for 17th Jan,11 and Rajeev on 17/18th Jan,11.
    • Samsung engineer (Rony) on leave for 20th Jan,11.

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