Release Note

The goal of this survey is to list and analyse SoC vendors client implementations of OpenMax IL.

After code analyse we will list the issues found in OpenMax integration and share it with Khronos.


Since Android is using OpenMax IL has multimedia hardware interface (for OpenCore or StageFright), it become important to compare various SoC vendors implementations to see if some parts could be generic enough to avoid work duplication.

The mains areas of investigation are: buffer allocation and pre-announcement, codec registration, buffer refcounting, state machine simplification, asynchronous API.

Survey Procedure

  • Collect source OpenMax Il client source code (for example StageFright or OpenCore source code) from SoC vendors.

  • Analyse source code and, if possible, compare them to original source. We especially take care of:
    • buffer allocation methods.
    • buffer refcounting.
    • addition of codecs.
  • Share findings and list common solutions to mains OpenMax issues.

  • Send feedback to Khronos.


UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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